Why Lucas Carlson is Leaving CenturyLink Labs

David Barss

What does writing novels have to do with Docker? I'll explain that part in a second, but as we have been saying for years... Docker is transforming our industry at breakneck speed.

CenturyLink has enabled me to be an integral part of that community for the last couple years by funding our elite team of open-source geniuses for which I will always be grateful.

Together, we have been able to create 4 important open-source projects in the Docker ecosystem: Panamax, ImageLayers, Lorry, and Dray. These projects have helped make Docker easier to use for both beginner and advanced users.

So it is with great sadness that I announce my departure from this team. It has been an honor to work with them and to be a part of your life as well… our readers have been critical to the success of the Innovations Lab.

So why am I leaving? Because I am following my passion. Let me give you an example.

Docker, Inc. wasn't always the billion-dollar success that it is today. A few years ago, it was DotCloud, Inc., a platform-as-a-service startup competing with Heroku, AppFog and other PaaS providers. Sure they used containers but that wasn't their big thing.

But there is a rumor that Docker might never have come to light had it not been for its founder, Solomon Hykes. Solomon is a passionate advocate for open-source software, and really wanted to open-source his container manager. However, his investors at the time were adamantly opposed to it. They thought it was critical that the proprietary IP be kept private. But Solomon followed his passion and open-sourced it anyway, and the rest is history.

After CenturyLink acquired my company AppFog a couple years ago, I spent some time reading books that had been on my reading list for a while. One in particular was The Anatomy of Story.

That book made me wonder if I could write a novel. After all Andy Weir, who wrote The Martian, was a professional computer programmer and A.G. Riddle, who wrote The Atlantis Gene, was an entrepreneur.

So I began writing my first novel. Now two years later, it is finally finished: The Term Sheet: A Startup Thriller. Like Solomon before me it is time for me to take a risk and follow my own passion. So I am quitting my job and working full-time on my second novel.

I have no idea if this will end up going anywhere, but it's what I love doing. I have nothing but kind feelings for CenturyLink and my team, and I know they will be doing great things in the future… including many new exciting container-related projects. I am sad I won't be in the middle of it anymore, but I will be their biggest cheerleader from the sidelines. I hope you will join me in continuing to cheer them on.

If you would like to join me on my new journey, feel free to follow along at lucascarlson.net.

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Lucas Carlson

Former Chief Innovation Officer, CenturyLink Labs
Lucas Carlson came to CenturyLink when his startup AppFog was acquired in June 2013. At CenturyLink he served as the Chief Innovation Officer and founded the CenturyLink Innovations Lab. He left CenturyLink in July of 2015 to pursue a writing career.
  • John Matthew

    Lucas, Good luck in your endeavor. I'm sure you'll be successful, as you were with AppFog.

    • cardmagic

      Thank you so much John!

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  • Best of luck Lucas! You've done amazing work at CL Labs!

    • cardmagic

      Thank you Tehmasp

  • Rob Snead

    Lucas, Good luck and I look forward to reading your first book. I replied to your twitter message with my email address. let me know if you didn't receive it.

    • cardmagic

      Rob, I did get it, maybe my response went to spam, will re-send.

  • Juan Borda

    IT people are strange, creative and wonderful, nobody knows where the wind will blow them… so the best of the luck!

    • cardmagic

      Thank you Juan!

  • Jimmy Chu

    Lucas, thanks for your (probably your team as well?) writing in the past. I have been learning a lot about Docker/containers from them. All the best to your future endeavor.

    • cardmagic

      Thanks Jimmy!

  • SilentLennie

    Lucas good luck with your new endeavors ! All the articles and podcasts were a really good way to learn how best to use containers. And really enjoyable too.

    • cardmagic

      I really appreciate it Lennie!